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DealerInfo is a means for dealers to communicate with one another, assisting in making the retail motor industry more efficient by helping dealers source stock as well as move trade units. It is important to note that it is only a means of communication and is not an actual intermediary!

DealerInfo merely acts as a platform for dealers to contact one another. Whatever happens from that point is not the responsibility of DealerInfo. DealerInfo is not responsible whatsoever for any business transactions between dealers. Furthermore, DealerInfo is not responsible for any misrepresentation of cars through adverts on www.dealerinfo.co.za. It is the duty of dealers to properly and correctly upload vehicles and information in a manner that would be considered satisfactory within the industry.

In summary, Dealerinfo is not responsible for any claims against whatsoever on the grounds of trade between dealers, be it any illegal or unsatisfactory dealings between dealers OR misrepresentation by dealers through adverts on the DealerInfo system.

Should there be a functional problem with the system, and you as a dealer can show it to us, we would be willing to refund membership fees for the time where full functionality was not available and you, the dealer had inefficient use of the system. This is the only liability that DealerInfo is open to.

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